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Behavior Plan Implementation

Happy School Psychologist

Why won’t teachers implement my behavior plans?

You completed a lengthy and thorough Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and you made a behavior plan with perfect reinforcers. The student is even excited about the plan. Yes! Initial buy-in! You convince parents that this will help their child, not make them look different. You meet with the teacher and go over how to implement the behavior plan. Everything looks good. disappointed School PsychologistBehavior Plan

Day 3 and the teacher forgot to complete the plan during the day and tells you it is too much work.

Most of those times, I wanted to scream and tell the teacher, “Well it was a lot of work to get this all set up, but I didn’t just give up!” Then I remember I am good at empathizing and problem-solving. I understand how challenging 20+ students in a classroom can get. Remembering to give a token or sticker does not hit the top of the list. It took excessive trial and error filled with frustrated children and teachers, but I developed an approach that has been successful for me more often than not. continue reading