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6 Ways to Build Relationships with Teachers

6 Ways to Build Relationships with Teachers


A major part of being effective as a school counselor or psychologist is building and maintaining relationships with teachers. As a beginning school psychologist, I had no idea how to do this other than being friendly. I quickly found myself out of the loop, avoiding difficult teachers, and halfway through the year feeling like my interventions took a long time to get off the ground. Over time, I learned a couple tried and true strategies to communicate and demonstrate my value to teachers. In turn received their 100% buy-in when I had idea or intensive plan for how to help those kids we love the most. Over time, those seasoned, “I don’t need another behavior chart” teachers, were often the ones in my office after school bending my ear about Jimmy Sue with the fidgety hands. continue reading

Change is Good (and Horrifying)!

Change is Good and Horrifying

Just over three months ago, I decided that I needed a change from my position as a Special Education Director and School Psychologist. I wasn’t sure if that meant a different school or a different role within the education realm. While I was looking for positions that might take me in this fuzzy, undefined direction, I made an exciting and even more undefined decision. I decided to travel for the next year. Eek! It makes me nervous even writing it. My handsome partner in crime, Scotty Weeks, writes provocative, page-turning books and does web development. His office is wherever his laptop lands. So we decided come September we would leave our beloved city of New York.  Passport, laptop, backpack, and my diminished Spanish. continue reading