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Teaching Conflict Resolution Skills

Resolving conflicts is a necessary skill for students to learn and we can begin expecting independence in elementary. Sometimes, when you feel like you are lining up 20 kittens rather than 20 students, there isn’t a lot of time to resolve every student conflict.


When we do get involved past the demand for an apology, we often do the heavy lifting for students. They go through the motions, but they don’t learn the skill or why it’s important. The likelihood they are going to start independently and effectively resolving conflicts with peers is pretty much zilch. continue reading

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    Behavior Plan Implementation

    Why won’t teachers implement my behavior plans? You completed a lengthy and thorough Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and you made a behavior plan with perfect reinforcers. The student is even excited about the plan. Yes!…

  • 3 MORE Ways to Build Relationships with Teachers

    As a school psychologist or school counselor, your relationships with teacher are one of the most important factors in effectively supporting struggling students. I need their patience with getting behavior plans implemented. I need their confidence that the plans will work. I…

  • 6 Ways to Build Relationships with Teachers

    6 Ways to Build Relationships with Teachers

      A major part of being effective as a school counselor or psychologist is building and maintaining relationships with teachers. As a beginning school psychologist, I had no idea how to do this…