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Social Emotional Skills

Student-Centered Discipline Promotes Social Emotional Learning

Student centered discipline is a key social teaching practice that promotes social emotional learning in the classroom.

Student-centered discipline is the classroom management strategies that a teacher uses that are developmentally appropriate for their students and motivate their students to want to behave in the classroom. It is one of the 10 key teaching practices identified by The Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL) that supports social and emotional learning as well as strong academic outcomes.


GTL also separated the 10 teaching practices into two categories: social teaching practices and instructional teaching practices. I think of the social teaching practices as the soul of a classroom. Social teaching practices are student-centered discipline, teacher language, student responsibility and choice, and warmth and support. Instructional teaching practices are cooperative learning, classroom discussions, self-assessment and reflection, balanced instruction, academic press and expectations, and competence building.


Let’s dig into what student-centered discipline looks like in a classroom and the school community. continue reading

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