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Helping Students Understand Their Support System

Help students understand who they can count on, when they should access them, and how to access their support system.

Understanding who you can count on is a key social and emotional skill we can teach early and reinforce through high school. Students benefit from knowing who is in their support system, when to access them, and how to access them. It is so powerful for a child to know that when they are upset or in trouble there is a support system they know how to access on all on their own.


Who Can I Count on?

Hands-on activities help students make something abstract, like a support system, more concrete. Also, when talking about a support system, you want to go beyond just a list of reliable people.

I like to have students sort people by where they see them (e.g., community, home, school), the type of relationship they have with that person, and the kind of help they can provide. continue reading

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